The privacy of our guests must be upheld. We do not reveal the location or nature of the party to non-attenders or discuss the identity of guests, so neither should you.


Guests must respect the wishes and boundaries of others. We will swiftly intervene in the unlikely event that anyone makes a guest uncomfortable, either verbally or non-verbally. Your comfort and security are our top priority. Unfortunately no single men are allowed as guests under any circumstance, this is because at our parties our main priority is for women to feel comfortable and in control. We aim to have more females than males at our parties as they take the lead for the night. Couples must arrive together. All guests will use condoms outside of their relationship, unless given explicit consent by their new playmates. We strongly supports safe sexual practice.


Tickets are not transferable: only those whose applications have been approved will be admitted.

Dress Code

Although there is no strict dress code, we do ask that our guests dress the part. Stylish cocktail attire is preferred: please contact us if you would like further clarification. Obviously, once the party is in full swing, so to speak, lingerie or nudity is acceptable and encouraged.


No recording equipment is permitted. Mobile phones must be switched off, but all guests will be able to access an emergency mobile number if necessary.

Drink and Drugs

Although we provide drinks, guests are also asked to bring a bottle or two, but not red wine or any strong coloured drink that might stain the furnishings at the venue. No drugs use is permitted. Smoking is allowed if outdoor balcony access is available at the venue.


Apart from the bathrooms, no doors may be locked within the venue.

Loss or Damage

We will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to property or injury sustained by a guest whilst on the premises.


Payment is for entrance only, we neither supply nor guarantee sex, and any sex that goes on is between consenting adults with no fees paid to either party. We reserve the right to refuse admission to the venue and request that a guest must leave. Our decision is final.

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